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'Act of Grace' is a winner

May is my birthday month and I'm starting out with a happy gift and blessing. My novel, Act of Grace, has been named a 2012 Independent Publisher Silver Medal Award winner. The IPPY award recognizes and encourages the work of “Publishers who exhibit the courage and creativity necessary to take chances, break new ground, and bring about change, not only to the world of publishing, but to our society.” Besides the works of small independent publishers, the IPPYs recognized books from presses such as McPherson &Company, Dzanc Books, Basic Books, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Carnegie Museum of Arts and Design, Carnegie Mellon University Press, Kent State University Press, The MIT Press, Princeton University Press, and the Stanford University Press.

So what is Visionary Fiction you might be wondering, well it's considered part of speculative fiction and some label it as fiction in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot. A good explanation is on Michael Gurian's Visionary Fiction Website.

Goodreads also now has a new group for writers and readers of Visionary Fiction.

When I wrote Grace I didn't exactly know what genre it fell into, I just knew it was speculative fiction that leaned more toward the magical realism end of the spectrum. I am happy to have received this recognition, it is truly an honor.

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