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I’ve been on an amazing journey since the release of Act of Grace in March 2011, and I look forward to taking Grace on the road and meeting more of you. You’ve been so supportive, and I love reading your kind words and thoughts. Here are some of your thoughts on Act of Grace:


“I was totally “Holden Caufielded” by this book…that’s my term for feeling the way Holden feels about Ring Lardner: You want the story to go on.  You want to know the characters and be friends with them.  You want to meet the author and shake his/her hand. Karen Simpson’s ability to spin a tale that is both cemented in reality and floating in the ethereal is phenomonal.”

“This is Simpson’s first novel.  It is a must read.  Her poetic style of writing soothes you into the harsh realities of racism, violence, and absolute hate based horror.  The hero, Grace, puts an end to historical and current race based violence by her own sacrifice–after learning much from her ancestors…Music and food are the backdrops of Simpson’s work: “better than sex” chocolate cake, red velvet cake, Nina Simone and John Coltrane. 


Simpson’s work is screaming to be a book club pick.  That is why it is my book club selection for June.  My theme?  Tunes and food inspired by the novel.”


—  from Goodreads

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